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Integrative Therapeutic Massage
30min   $40 | 60min   $70 | 90min   $100 | 120min   $140

All massage therapy is therapeutic, whether you're going for pure relaxation or working out "knots" to relieve chronic pain. Therapeutic massage is targeted to address the cause of your pain using more advanced techniques, and in most cases using more pressure than a Swedish massage. Because we are all different, we all present with a different states of mood, posture, pain and health conditions. Integrative massage allows for different modalities to be used to address your individual needs and concerns. Different techniques you may experience during a session include:
*Swedish *Reflexology *Deep Tissue *Trigger Point Therapy
*Myofascial Release *Stretching * Medical Massage *Energy Techniques

***you may request a full session of these modalities, please talk with your therapist to see what best fits your goals.
View a description for each of these techniques.

Hot Stone Massage
90min   $120

Ease your mind, body and spirit into a deep state of relaxation. The energy and heat from the earth basalt river stones penetrate muscles and are combined with Swedish massage techniques to aid in relaxation. This therapeutic treatment soothes muscles as well as a stressed mind and emotions.

30min   $35 | 60min   $55

Treat your tired, achy and overworked feet, while also treating your body as a whole. This is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes/ zones in the feet that correspond with each body part and organ. Applying pressure to these specific areas on the feet with hands, fingers, or different tools and techniques relieves tension, improves circulation, and helps the body to detox and heal itself. This therapy stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is our relaxing state of being. Your feet will never thank you enough.

Add-on Services

Reflexology, 30 min.   $25

Add this service to any massage for an added boost to your health and rejuvenation

Foot Treatment $20

Start with an exfoliating sugar scrub to reduce dry skin on the surface, followed by a hydrating masque to pack in hydration and nourish your feet.

Back Treatment $35

A hard to reach place for most of us. Exfoliate the skin with a sugar scrub to get the glow back to your skin, followed by a nourishing hydrating masque and lotion.


Bundle Packages

Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Massage (60 minute sessions)

  • Buy 3: get 30 minutes free
  • Buy 6: get 1 hour free
  • Buy 10: save 15%

Reflexology (60 minute sessions)

  • Buy 5: save 10%